Wig Guide : Maintenance by Ayomi Keratin Products

Maintenance of wigs is more crucial to a sleek healthy looking hair and not just buying great quality hair. Being active in the industry for nearly a decade, we have cycled through different brands looking for the best performing and most loved by our customers. After trying quite a number of products our pick for the best are products from Ayomi Keratin! Today we will be going through each of their products and their uses.

Leave in Conditioner

Ayomi Keratin's Leave in Conditioner checks all the boxes when it comes to maintaining curly hair. From hydrating the curls, protection from weather damage as well as against heat; naturally occuring or from heat based styling. This in turn keeps the wig's natural colour from fading. Another use for the conditioner is revitalising dry curls, leaving your wig soft and hydrated. This is the key to maintaining its look and feel. Natural hair is naturally hydrated, wigs need a conditioner for the same affect. Made with organic ingredients and free from harsh chemicals and toxins, this is a great product to restore, hydrate & your human or synthetic hair wig all day. 


The counterpart for Leave in Conditioner is Lusteriser. It is dedicated to maintaining your straight hair and this multifunctional spray is all you need for to make your and keep your straight hair happy. Not only does it give your hair a healthy sheen, it also adds a layer of protection for your wig against the elements of the weather. Another great effect of this product is it can replace the need for one to use heat to straighten hair. Heat styling/straightening actually causes damage to your hair over time. With lusteriser you can just apply the spray and use a tailcomb to straighten the hair! It covers most if not all the areas required for straight hair maintenance.

Silicone Spray

After a good conditioning treatment, following up your hair care routine with a finishing serum, designed for human hair pieces, is critical. This silky serum can work on all types of straight hair, use it to lock in the moisture & tame frizzy or dry hair. You can apply it to protect the hair before any heat styling to ensure it is protected. It also adds a shine boost to your hair which lasts throughout the day. Free of sulfates, parabens, and those other harsh chemicals, you can even use this serum on your skin! . 

Glue & Remover

Ayomi Keratin have both glue and remover. Used for applying and removing installed wigs respectively. They are both extremely effective as with the glue, installations can last up to 2 weeks if handled with care and the glue remover is fast acting and doesnt damage one's skin and hairline like other similar products.

This keratin treatment with added marula oil benefits detangles knots, boosts shine, adds softness, tames flyaways and keeps hair smooth for up to 72 hours*. This intensive hair mask treats every strand and will smooth and nourish dry hair without weighing it down. Have your hair treated once in a while but periodically to make sure your hair stays in the best condition possible.

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