How To Determine The Quality Of A Wig

We all want to make sure of the quality of a wig is up to standard before making a purchase. Theres nothing more frustrating than a seemingly great wig turn into a mess due to the quality of the hair. This usually happens in a relatively short amount of time, turning into a bad investment. 
Today we'll be discussing the factors to take into consideration when assessing the quality of a wig. 

1. Grades

Foremost on the list of factors to consider is the grade of the hair. Since the the early 2010s the hair industry has evolved from Grade 3a hair (my goodness) to 13a with a better being created per year.

Higher grade wigs come with more assurance as higher grade means better quality, better texture and will last you much longer. For an example, with proper maintenance, a Grade 13a wig can last you five years plus. Thus making the most of your investment.

What exactly is the difference in grades on the hair itself? The higher the grade the more fine strands are used to make the visible strands of the hair. That naturally makes stronger, allowing it to maintain its quality for a much longer time.

2. Virgin Hair

Alot of people hear this term but aren't really sure what exactly it means, they just know its a good thing. And that's a correct assumption, as "virgin hair" means the hair hasn't be put through any type of chemical processing. Processes such as bleaching, colouring etc.

These process add a flavour to wigs but some minor damage is done in exchange. With virgin hair none of those processes take place allowing it to maintain that bit superiority in quality.

3. Remy Hair

The main qualities of Remy hair is a smoother, shinier, and healthier appearance than non-remy hair. Another main difference is remy hair is unlikely to tangle due to the tedious process that the hair goes through to not damage the cuticle. It has been minimally processed to protect the integrity of the hair has cuticle in tact.

The difference between remy and virgin hair is virgin hair maintains the quality by foregoing any chemical processing, whilst remy hair focus on keeping the cuticles intact which makes it look more natural and prevents tangling.

4. Required Maintainance

A very important aspect of the quality of a wig is the required maintainance. Buying quality hair is always great but you wouldn't get the most out of your purchase if you do not maintain it well! Always find out exactly how properly take care of your hair from the retailer or take it for treatment periodically. If your retailer provides salon services, rather take it to them so you can hold them accountable for any mishaps with the hair :)

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