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    The Shamiso wig (dark green)
    from R 1,199.00 Regular price R 1,599.00
    Save R 400
    The Platinum Ombre Full Frontal Unit
    from R 4,250.00 Regular price R 5,500.00
    Save R 1,250
    The Platinum Ombre 5*5 Unit
    from R 3,750.00
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    The Phozi Wig
    from R 2,150.00 Regular price R 2,850.00
    Save R 700
    Mellissa unit
    Mellissa unit
    The Melissa Unit
    from R 1,599.00 Regular price R 2,000.00
    Save R 401
    The Mbali Unit - Burgundy
    from R 1,599.00 Regular price R 2,700.00
    Save R 1,101
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    The Lady Teal Unit
    R 2,050.00
    The lady Gaga Unit
    from R 1,650.00 Regular price R 2,600.00
    Save R 950
    jes wig
    jess wig
    The Jess Wig
    from R 1,750.00
    The Angel wig
    from R 4,750.00
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    short ginger pixie
    Short Ginger Pixie Wig
    from R 799.00 Regular price R 1,450.00
    Save R 651
    Machine Made Wigs: 13a Red Full Frontal Wigs
    from R 2,600.00
    Machine Made Wigs: 12a Blonde/613 Brazilian Full Frontal Wigs
    from R 3,400.00
    Grade 13a Red Bob
    from R 1,199.00 Regular price R 2,000.00
    Save R 801
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    Grade 12a Ombré 613 bob wig
    from R 1,550.00
    Colour : Double Drawn Highlighted Curly Fringe
    from R 1,150.00 Regular price R 1,650.00
    Save R 500
    Colour : 13a Silky Straight Honey Blonde
    from R 2,200.00
    Colour : 13a Highlighted full frontal bob
    from R 1,199.00 Regular price R 1,900.00
    Save R 701
    Colour : 13a Ginger Orange Brazilian Frontal Wig
    from R 2,500.00 Regular price R 3,250.00
    Save R 750
    Colour : 13a Burgundy Frontal Wig
    from R 2,050.00 Regular price R 3,500.00
    Save R 1,450
    Colour : 12a Blonde/613 Brazilian 3part Wigs
    from R 2,250.00
    Clearance:12a 20” 613 Blonde with 3 part closure
    R 2,400.00
    Clearance: Ombre Colour Silver & Blonde Wig
    from R 2,200.00
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    Clearance: 12a Straight Burgundy Upart
    R 2,300.00