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    Curly Hair Maintenance Kit
    R 380.00
    Edges / Baby Hair Combo
    Sale price R 180.00
    Regular price R 250.00
    Save R 70
    Combo: Side Dry Perm + Trimmed Pixie Cut Wig
    Sale price R 990.00
    Regular price R 1,200.00
    Save R 210
    Combo : 13a Amanda 4x4 and 13a Nala Straight Bob
    Sale price R 1,799.00
    Regular price R 2,050.00
    Save R 251
    Combo : The Sophia 5x5 Wig and 13a Sleek Bob Wig
    Sale price R 2,650.00
    Regular price R 3,050.00
    Save R 400
    Combo: The Zipo Unit + The Honey Wig
    Sale price R 3,150.00
    Regular price R 3,750.00
    Save R 600
    Combo : The Whitney Pixie and 12a Peruvian Fringe
    Sale price R 999.00
    Regular price R 1,250.00
    Save R 251