Our Favourite Colour Wigs

"Every Summer Has Its Own Story."

As we are finally leaving winter and entering spring and summer, we thought it would be the perfect time to pick out our favourite coloured wigs perfect for the event filled summer times! And without wasting further time ...

13A Burgundy Frontal Bobs

Main Qualities : Classy and elegant but can be smoking hot and fun worn with the right outfit.

This deep burgundy unit is perfect for combining fun times with class & elegance. But don't make the mistake that one wont look absolute absolutely hot with this unit, especially if one has a lighter skin tone, this wig can suit them to perfection.

12A Blonde Frontal Wigs

Can we all agree blonde hair is awesome?! One of the aspects of blonde hair that make it so popular amongst colour wigs is how they suit a wide range of skin tones unlike most other coloured wigs. Perfect for the long summer nights & exciting parties / events. 

12A Highlighted Bob Wigs

Next up is our famous highlighted bob! What we really love about this unit (other that its striking beauty) is its "lightness". Minimal but compliments outfits and faces really well. Its light tone attracts attention but proceeds to place the emphasis on ones face and skin tone. It makes one look like theyre glowing!


Is there a colour that describes summer vibes more than this vibrant orange?! We dont think so! This unit will make you the life of the party if you want to or not! Its so alive, memorable and vibrant. All the qualities of a perfect summer.

Hope you enjoyed this weeks entry as much as we did writing it :) 

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