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 What's New!


Welcome to the latest entry of Shara’s blog! Today’s discussion will be about all the new products added to our catalogue recently. All the details of the units as well as tips on styling & maintenance. And with that, lets get started…


1. Grade 13A Silky Straight Honey Blonde Frontal Wig



Description :

Grade : 13a

Closure : Full Frontal / Ear to Ear / 13x4

Material : Peruvian

Type : Factory/Machine Made

Recommended maintenance product - Lusteriser.


As the latest addition into our 13A Premium Selection collection, not only is this honey blonde a visual stunner but the quality of the hair the very best that can be found in the hair industry today. This guaranteed quality allows you to style the hair anyway you want with any maintenance / styling tool available to you including hot combs, iron curlers etc. Adding to the versatility of the wig is the frontal closure it comes with. The frontal gives you more room to get creative with how to wear the wig. And with that we can segue into styling & maintenance tips

Styling tips : 


- Using a straightener or curling iron you can style & wear the wig straight or the body wave look.

- You can part lines anywhere along the frontal closure or you can comb it over & choose not to have a parting opened.

- You can also tie the hair up into a ponytail. 


Maintenance tips : 

- Apply lusteriser. Here we use and recommend Ayomi Keratin's Lusteriser. It will protect your wig from discolouring as well strengthening the hair against the impact of the weather.

- When tangled we recommend sending the wig for treating or washing, but for at home maintenance you can read up on our previous blog entry on how to correctly wash and detangle straight hair.

- Depending on how often you wear we recommend you send in your wig for washing / treatment every few months.

We absolutely love this unit not only because it looks great but in addition to that its versatility & its guaranteed quality. It can to last you at least a decade. Yes, 10+ years! Provided you take care of it as well, of course. 



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    Does it come customised?

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