How To Detangle Curly Hair

Shara's Blog : How To Detangle Curly Hair 


Hi there, welcome to another Shara Blog. If you love curly hair like we do, you'll also know how easy it is for curly hair to become a tangly mess! In todays blog entry we will be discussing how to correctly fix the tangled mess that was once upon time a beautiful curly wig.   
Here are some tips and what you will before we get started:
  • Do not use a brush or a small toothed comb. Youll need to use a big/wide tooth comb. 
  • You will also need a pointed tail comb or "rat tail comb". 
  • And lastly you'll need some Leave In Conditioner to moisten the curls. We recommend using Ayomi Keratin's Leave In Conditioner.


And now we can begin  :
Step 1 - First thing to do is to separate the hair into (four or five) sections, you can separate the sections using a "rat tail comb".                                                                                                                                 
Step 2 - Grab each section in the middle and using the pointed tail comb, comb and separate the ends of the hair. Separate as many of the tangled ends as possible with the tail comb. Remember to start with lower ends of the hair, as you may pull out strands the higher you start.                                                                                                           
Step 3 - After dealing with the ends, smooth the whole sections from the roots to the very end using your pointy tail comb still. So you just keep smoothing and separating until you can run your fingers through the sections.                                                                                                  
Step 4 - Once thats done, you can now spray your hair with Leave in conditioner to moisten the curls and use a big/wide-tooth comb to comb. This should get rid of the remaining tangles and reactivate your luscious curls.

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