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New Trend!

Welcome to another entry of our weekly Shara Blog. Today’s discussion? One of the hair industry’s latest trends, the headband wig!

A headband wig is a new type of wig that comes with a the headband attached to the front part, instead of a traditional lace closure. The headband covers the hairline and gives the wig a more natural looking style. It can be placed over the head using the headband rather than clips or other fasteners and it can be slid around the head.

Headbands are a versatile product. As a functional or decorative hair decoration, it plays a vital role. Wigs, often seen as a chore, need to be trimmed or the parting lines powdered a bit and installation.


Combine a headband with a wig, and the two elements will take on a different look, saving you time and money before you head out the door.

There may be many types of wigs available in the market but to get a more stylish look going for a headband wig is the best choice.


Here are four reasons you need to try headband wigs today!

1. Beginner Friendly.

For wearing a headband wig, you don’t have to be a professional stylist just buy one, and it can be easily fixed over your head. It is well suited for the first-time user or beginner to the wig world. The design allows you to wear and take off easily without any complexity or stress. It takes only a few seconds and can enjoy the self-styling benefit. The lines of wigs are designed with 4 combs and adjustable velcro straps. They help the wig to fit securely in place when placed on top of your head.]

2. Protective Hairstyles.

This full wig comes in the form of a cap and it can protect your naturally curly hair underneath the cap. It does not require adhesive or glue to apply on edges or hairlines. As it can completely cover your head, you can adjust the styling as you like. You can decide the amount of hair you want to leave out or the amount you want to tuck in.

3. Lightweight.

Headband wig weighs lighter than the traditional wigs. It is the most advantages of headband wig. It makes it easy to carry on the head, to style, to use, and maintain. Its sweat-proof feature makes them highly breathable and suitable for all seasons. It will not cause any headaches while you install them on your head.

4. Very Versatile

Headband wigs can worn / styled in quite a number different ways. You can wear it normally by just putting it on, tie them into buns, wear it like a fringe. The versatility allows one to ce creative. 

5. Pricing

Headband wigs are also a life hack to get high quality at very affordable prices. The most expensive part of a wig is the closure. Headband wigs do not have a closure so hence the prices for headband wigs are very low.

6. Easy Maintanence

Another aspect that makes that make headband user friendly is the easy maintenance. Like your natural hair all you need is to spray it with leave in conditioner or lusterizer and comb it out with a big tooth comb every so often.

These are the top three headband wigs from the Shara Hair collection. Each has its own characteristics, you can design for your shape unexpected results.

1. Straight Headband Wigs

2. Jerry & Deep Curl Headband

3. Long Dry Perm Headband Wig

 Written By Lindani Khoza


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