What Is A HD Closure?



What Is A HD Closure? 

You might have just seen the term recently and now you’re wondering what exactly is an HD closure? Whats the difference between an HD closure and a normal closure? Why is it more expensive than a normal closure? Is it worth it in the end? Welcome to this week’s entry of Shara’s Blog where we will be exploring & explaining everything that is HD closures.               


Since their introduction a couple of years ago, HD closures have taken the hair industry by storm and with a lot of hype. So answering the first question, what is a HD lace closure? HD stands for "high definition.” HD laces are a premium lace material that is also called Swiss lace, which is invisible when applied to the scalp. They present less obvious knots and they also have the characteristic of allowing the lace to lay down flatter. There are a lot of advantages HD closures offer that normal transparent do not as well as a couple of disadvantages, as listed below.


The advantages of a HD closure :


  1. HD lace closures offer a delicate, and light lace that looks more transparent than regular lace and you won't have to worry about the lace opening coming out.
  2. The closure is very transparent and almost see-through which allows the closure to blend in with your   skin tone making it look like a natural hairline rather than a closure. Its practically invisible
  3. HD closures are 100% human hair and can be coloured & styled in anyway one would like.
  4. The seamless and sublime transparency of the HD closures reduces the need for additional services like customisation or the use of products like lace tints.
  5. Although one doesn’t need to do anything to a HD closure, bleaching the knots, using lace tint or even make up foundation that matches ones skin tone will bring out perfect effect of a natural hairline even more.
  6. A HD lace is softer and much more comfortable on your scalp compared to a normal lace closures.
  7. Due to that thin and soft nature of the HD lace, that uncomfortable itching that comes with wearing a wig for some time is reduced significantly.
  8. HD Lace Closures not only offer a natural hairline but protects your natural hairline as well.


HD closures come with alooot advantages, much more pros than cons but as nothing is completely perfect, here are a couple of disadvantages of HD closures :


  1. Whilst HD laces are made form premium high quality material and may last you as long as transparent closures, with the lace being very thin and delicate, an HD lace is a bit more susceptible to tearing and other forms of damage. One has to be careful removing the closure if installed.
  2. HD closures are more expensive than normal closures, although the maintenance cost is practically zero as you don’t need products like lace tint.


So do HD closures live up to the hype and are they worth the higher price? Our verdict is “Yes, absolutely!” HD closures are definitely worth it and there’s a reason why they’re as popular as they are and that popularity is still rising. The comfortable feel of the soft lace whilst looking really good? Who needs anything more? 

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