How To Make A Lace Match Your Skin Tone

Today's log entry is about how to better conceal the lace and the fact that you are wearing a wig! There a few methods to allow one to make a lace of a closure match ones skin tone, making your wig look more natural...

1. Customisation / Pre-pluck & Bleaching Knots

Knots - the roots of the hair on a closure. particularly the roots of the strands that make the closure's hairline. 

This a process most salons offer. What this process entails is removing some of the strands of hair on a closure (pre-plucking). Alot of times the knots on a closure are thick unlike a normal hairline. Plucking gives the closure a more natural hairline look. 

Bleaching the knots is applying bleach to the closure to colour the lace of the closure and the roots of the hair on the closure. The bleach colours the knots to a slightly brown colour - natural colour. Natural black hair is actually refereed to as natural colour, when in the sun its slightly brown and not completely black. This colouring gives the closure a more natural appearance. 

The bleach also colours the lace/closure a bit. A lace is usually cream to white in colour. The bleaching process allows the lace to become more brown allowing it to blend more easily with your skin tone. 

2. Lace Tint

Lace tint, as the name implies, is a product one sprays onto the lace to colour it to match one's skin tone. Lace tints come in different shades and one can find one that matches or something that is pretty close. 

In the simplest terms, lace tint spray is a pigmented spray solution meant to make your lace wig blend in with your skin tone. Just spray (as many layers as you need), let it air dry, and slay the day. 

3. Using Foundation Make Up

While applying makeup such as foundation, concealers, and powders is common practice for blending lace wigs, it can also get messy. Personally, we have found that makeup gets everywhere, especially if you remove your wigs daily. Also, makeup on lace tends to cake up and sometimes appear a bit orange and unnatural. The wig will also require more cleaning and treating.

4. HD Lace Wigs

This probably the best solution... buy an HD closure for your wig! 

HD (high definition) laces are nearly completely transparent and blend seamlessly with the wig's wearer. Most skin tones are accommodated by hd closures, with no extra processes being needed to produce the desired results. Just wear and go.

The only downside to an hd closure is because of how thin the lace is, and this means it doesnt last as long as a normal lace closure. Not by much but it is a difference.

So there are a number of ways to conceal the unnatural look of a lace closure but here at Shara Hair we recommend HD lace wigs or getting your wig customised.

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