What's New : The Wet & Go Wig!

Welcome to the latest entry of Shara’s blog! Today’s what’s new discussion will be about our new unit : the wet & go wig!


Unit Description -


Grade : 12A


Material : Malaysian Deep Curls & Jerry Curls


Closure : T Part


Length : 24inch


Type : Factory/Machine Made


Price : R2999



Our new Grade 12a Malaysian wig is designed for anyone who wants the versatility of being able to straighten their curly wigs without losing the tightness of the curls or having to switch to a straight wig. It can be straightened multiple times and revert back curly without losing its curl. Turn straight hair to water wave simply with water! 


How to straighten the wig :

We recommend you use a straightener or hot comb.


How to make it curly again : 

Apply water on to the wig and gently shake the wig as if shaking the water off. You can continue to do this until you're happy with the definition of the curls.


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