Things to know about wigs


 Today's blog entry is focused on Everything you need to know about wigs. Let's get into it.

  1. Durability
  • The ability to withstand wear, pressure or damage

Closure wigs (glue less) last longer than frontals. Depending on Maintenance, wigs can last up to years given that you maintain them. Frontals can last up to a year if you rotate between hairstyles and not wear it everyday. This is how I look at it, we can all take care of our clothes and shoes so that they last longer and wigs should be given the same courtesy. 


2. Realistic

  • Representing things in a way that is accurate and lifelike.

Frontal wigs look more realistic when it has been customized. Customization is the bleaching of the knots on the lace and the plucking of the knots on the hairline to give it a more realistic when you install. All in all, it shouldn’t look like you’re wearing a wig when of course you’re wearing a wig.


3. Maintenance 

  • The process of preservation. 

Frontals need to be maintained so they stay looking good. The lace has to be soaked off of any residual glue from your previous installation before your new installation. You must also be very gentle on the lace as it is fragile from the customizing process. Avoid the build up of products in the hair and on the lace as that affects the quality and texture of the hair. We offer a range of hair care products that will keep your hair, straight/curly in tip top shape.


4. Manageability 

  • The quality of being easy to deal with.

Generally, wigs are manageable and made to protect your hair from everyday heat and styling and as a bonus they keep us looking beautiful. As long as you maintain your hair, it’ll always be easy to manage. In my opinion, the glue less wigs are easier to manage as you can style it before putting it on and maintain it when you take it off, however once you get the hang of styling a frontal then managing it will be a piece of cake. 

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