How to make your Lace Front last longer

Here at Shara Hair, we maintain a very high level of quality assurance by taking every bundle of hair through a vigorous process to make sure you are receiving the quality you paid for as our hair ranges from 100% human hair to the highest quality in the market. All hair orders are thoroughly inspected before shipping and collection. It is our primary focus to make sure you are completely satisfied.


Having gone through all of the factors that affect how long your wig will last, let’s get into how to make your wig last longer. First and foremost, you should know that the best way to make sure your unit lasts is to get yourself a top-quality frontal wig. Still, there are several ways that can make your lace front wigs last longer, and that is what we’ll focus on in this article.


1.Avoid Bleaching your own knots: If you can, buy a pre-bleached wig. If you get your pre-bleached wig home and the knots are still too obvious to you, you can use powder to hide the knots. If you have to bleach the bleach the wig knots yourself, be sure not to overbleach them, and to use the gentlest bleach and peroxide that you can find.


2. Detangle gently: Comb through your hair from ends to roots, and always do so with a wide toothed comb or your fingers. Never tug hard on the hair.


3. Less heat styling: Since heat slowly burns the hair strands and can shorten the lifespan of your wig, you should minimize heat styling. Only do it if you absolutely need to. If you must heat style your wig, use a heat-protectant beforehand and keep the heat tools temperature as low as you can.


4. Be careful when you pluck: Lace is fragile, so you should be careful when you pluck your wig. You can also buy a pre-plucked lace front wig. But if you want to pluck your wig yourself, check out our Wig Masterclasses where you can learn everything from wig making to plucking your own wig.

5.Wash your wig regularly but not too often: Washing your wig is necessary, but you never want to wash it too often. Washing it only when necessary (one to two weeks if you wear the wig everyday) helps to keep the wig healthy and free of buildup. Just be sure to use the right type of shampoo – one that’s formulated for wigs. NB ; always use warm running water and comb through during the process.


6. Always condition your wigs: Conditioning your wig is non-negotiable if you want it to last as long as possible. The step will moisturize your wig and make it less prone to tangling and dryness. As a result, it will break and shed less.


7. Air dry your wigs: Blow drying your wig can be harsh. Instead, gently towel dry your wig and let it air dry using cool settings.

8. Store your wig correctly: Properly storing your wig can help hair retain moisture an keep the unit in the best possible condition. If you don’t store it properly, it will dry out and begin to look old in no time. 

9. Switch out your wigs: Its never a good idea to wear the same wig every day. Everyone needs to have a few wigs on hand to give each wig a break every now and again. Owning multiple wigs also enables you to take care of them when you’re not wearing them.

10. Apply oil to your wig: Its essential to apply oils to your wigs to keep the strands moisturized and guard against damage from the outside elements. A well hydrated wig also looks better and has a noticeable shine.

11. Don’t dye your wig by yourself: Chances are you’ve heard of horror stories about people who tried to dye their wig at home. These at-home wig dyeing sessions often result in irreversible wig damage. Instead, I’d encourage you to get a coloured wig if you’re looking for colour transformation.


12. Don’t wear your wig to sleep, shower or swim: As you toss and turn in bed, the friction can cause split ends, dryness and even breakage. In addition to that, getting the wig wet in the pool or at the beach can expose it to salt or chlorine from the water. These things dry it out and make it prone to breakage. If you must sleep or shower in your wig, use a bonnet or scarf. And at any time you’ll be swimming, I know it looks weird ladies but please do wear a swim cap.



In conclusion, lace front wigs last anywhere from 3 months to a year, depending on the type of wig you purchase. But you can make them last longer if you follow the instructions outlined in this article. If you want a lace front wig that’s well worth your money, I’d recommend any of our Frontal wigs (attached after the article)


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