Styling Guide : How To Trim A Wig Into A Bob

<span;>Simply trimming a wig can change the whole look of the wig. From casual to sleek, neat and professional.

Material required

• Scissors (both long and short)

• Hair straightener

• Moisturiser

• Mannequin/Bob head

• Water Dispenser spray

• Comb

The steps

Follow the given guide to get your wig in an eloquent bob hairstyle -

1. Put your wig onto a mannequin head to begin.

Using a mannequin head as your working station is an excellent idea while cutting wig hair. It is an easy way to mimic the human head.

2. Using a comb, try to remove and frizzy ends and intertwined hair from your wig if there are any. This helps to ensure that your hair doesn’t get damaged while using the hot iron straightener.

3. With the help of the straightener, straighten out the hair on your wig. It is crucial to divide the hair into different layers and then work on those individual layers until all of the hair is straightened out. This makes your job a lot easier.

4. Spray some water onto your natural human hair wig. Wet human hair is a lot easier to work with while cutting your hair.

5. Get the hair between your index finger and the middle finger (peace sign m fingers and put the hair between the fingers) then cut out the hair using your scissors. This helps you to get a straight clean cut at the ends. It is essential to cut your hair in sections.

6. Start from the bottom of your hair and set your desired length for the bob hairstyle. Work your way from the bottom to the sides and then to the top.

7. Casually run the smaller scissors through your hair to remove any frizzy hair


And there you have it......

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