How To Use A Hot Comb

Hot combs are a great tool for not just styling but for hair care and  maintenance as well. It's something every hair enthusiast should have in their arsenal. Today we will be explaining the features of a modern hot comb & how one uses it and what not to do!

Without further ado...

Features :

Many modern hot combs will come with a range of variable heat settings and controls, allowing you to reduce the risk of heat damage by choosing the best temperature for your hair – thin hair will require a cooler setting than thick, wavy hair for example. This ensures you are in total control of your styling experience and final result.

How To Use A Hot Comb :

  • Apply a heat protecting spray or serum
  • Make sure hair is totally dry
  • Section your hair before you start
  • Make sure you have the desired setting
  • Use a flat iron before your comb if you have super thick, curly or unruly hair
  • Use a heat protectant surface to place your electric comb on when not in use


What Not To Do : 

  • Style or apply heat straight to hair that is already damaged
  • Attempt to use heat on wet or damp hair
  • Make multiple passes on the same section of hair
  • Touch the hot teeth or sections of the comb
  • Touch the electrics with wet hands
  • Use a paper towel to lay your comb on – use a proper heat resistant surface or mat

Most hot combs come in a plastic casing to reduce the risk of burns, but elements will still be hot, so take care to avoid scalds. Always use heat protectant spray when flat ironing to reduce hair damage.

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