Wholesale Register

Shara Hair is excited to introduce our Wholesale Program to our online store. Wholesale buyers may now directly purchase products from our store at wholesale prices!

The Wholesale program was created to accomodate Business to Business buyers with discounted prices for reselling & profiting. Through the program as a hair business owner you can stock up guarenteed quality products from Shara Hair at stock price by just visiting our website! All at your convenience.

With prices discounted up to a surplass of R700 per product, business owners can opt to sell qaulity products to their clients at our retail price or can further maximise profits by increasing the price from our retail price. Our prices are affordable enough to allow Business owners to comfortably choose the profit range of products depending on their different audiences.

For wholesale clients not only products are discounted but services too! From wig making & customising to bleaching & dyeing. Everything is discounted to allow wholesale clients to make further profits while offering the best maintance & styling services to their own clients.

Our Wholesale Program is made to cater to people who have their own hair business looking for quality hair units to stock as well as people looking to start their own hair business.

We also have our Shara Affiliate Program which instead of stocking and reselling it is aimed to cater to individuals who are interested in selling hair but are not interested in starting an entire business with its own brand. The affiliate program makes it easy for people who havent ventured into hair reselling as all you have to do is promote a link along with our products to earn. Both programs let you profit from our prpducts but the difference is the mindset of the affiliate / wholesale client. Our affiliate program allows you to join the Shara family as you can promote our services and products for commission. Whilst our wholsale program allows a business owner to grow & nurture their business clientele by having access to excellent trusted products and to also grow & maximise their profits due to our accomodating prices.

To learn more & register for Shara Affiliate Program :