Shara's Business Opportunities : 3 Ways To Earn With Shara Hair

1. The Shara Wig & Business MasterClass
Shara hair promotes entrepreneurship, and has over 1000 students who they have helped to start their own businesses through the Shara Hair Masterclass.  During this Master class students are taught skill of making ‘factory standard wigs’ using a sowing machine, which is a very niche skill in the industry right now. They are also taught about the working environment and what skills can set them apart from the rest of their competitors. Prominent business men and women are invited to come and speak to the students , and share their success stories, in efforts to inspire them . Students also receive certification after completion of the Masterclass, which in turn helps to promote their skills and qualifications as young entrepreneurs. Most past students of the Master class have gone on to use this skill of factory wig making to advance their own businesses or those of others. 
2. The Shara Hair: Wholesale Program


This program sells hair to individuals at low wholesaler rates, allowing them to add their own mark ups to the hair and sell the hair under their own businesses.

This program is the backbone and supplier to hundreds of business owners in the hair industry. Hair distributors need to purchase a minimum of 5 pieces of hair before qualifying for wholesaler rates. The best part, is that individuals who have joined the ‘Shara Hair master class’  have the advantage of already qualifying for the wholesalers program. This is the first of its kind in the South African hair industry.

How to join the wholesaler program:

  • Visit using any web browser
  • Click the menu icon on the top left corner , select ‘Wholesale Program’ from the list and proceed to click "Wholesale Learn More & Register"
  • Here you'll see their Wholesale Registration Kit, add it to your cart & proceed to purchase it.
  • If you would like to understand more about program, you can read about it in the product description. 
  • After purchasing the registration kit click on the menu icon again, scroll down & select "Create Account" to create your wholesale account.
  • (Right at the bottom of the page you will find reviews from existing Shara Hair customers who have joined this programme. 


3. The Shara Hair Affiliate Program


The Shara Hair Affiliate Program is a network marketing program, that allows individuals to sell  Shara hair using their own referral link. With this link customers can purchase hair on the Shara hair website, whilst individuals that own the link earn 10% in commission on all items sold. To receive this referral link, individuals sign up to the program by paying a once off R350.00 joining fee. The Affiliate program was started at the beginning of May 2021, and already its Affiliates have already sold over R1 million worth of hair using their referral links

How to join our affiliate program :

  • Visit using any web browser
  • Click the menu icon on the on the top left corner of the page & select  Affiliate Program from the list, Then proceed to click "Affiliate: Learn More & Register"
  • Here you'll see the Affiliate Program Business Kits
  • Select your preferred kit, add it to your cart & proceed to purchase it.
  • After purchasing the kit you should receive an email with your referral link, discount code (if your purchased kit comes with it),
  • And all the information need for you to access the affiliate dashboard