Understanding Hair Loss: How to Choose a Wig After Chemotherapy

Wigs & Where to Start

Wig buying can be an overwhelming experience especially when dealing with the process alongside many worries of cancer and chemo, The Shara Hair team from customer service representatives to stylists, are here to help you every step of the way.

  1. Prepare for your wig

    Whether you decide to shave your head or not, my recommendation would be to start by cutting it short. Seeing the rapid hair loss might add to the emotional distress you’re currently experiencing.

  2. Measure your head

    It’s important to measure your head to avoid pressure points and headaches when wearing a wig. The right size can make all the difference.

  3. Choose the correct Cap Construction

    Since your scalp will be tender, I recommend a 100% hand-tied cap construction. This type of cap has less seams and will be softer on the scalp. Given the hand-made and intricate construction, these wigs are priced higher. Use a cap liner to serve as a barrier between your scalp and the wig cap if you choose a fully wafted wig. To learn more about cap construction.

  4. Care for your new wig

    If you choose synthetic, be sure to purchase the care products needed to prolong the life of your wigs. Ayomi Karitin is a great product for wig wearers, as it keeps the wig from shifting on your head. This keeps your wig secure and prevents the cap from moving around which can irritate the scalp.


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