Shara Hair Wholesale Program

What Is the Wholesale Program?

Shara Hair is excited to introduce our Wholesale Program to our online store. Wholesale buyers may now directly purchase products from our store at wholesale prices! All you have to do is register as a wholesaler and you will qualify for wholesale prices for life. This will allow wholesalers to purchase at wholesale prices as they get orders from their clients instead of buying in bulk consistently.

The Wholesale program was created to accomodate Business to Business buyers with discounted prices for reselling & profiting. Through the program as a hair business owner you can stock up guaranteed quality products from Shara Hair at stock price by just visiting our website! All at your convenience.

With prices discounted up to a surplus of R700 per product, business owners can opt to sell quality products to their clients at our retail price or can further maximise profits by increasing the price from our retail price. Our prices are affordable enough to allow Business owners to comfortably choose the profit range of products depending on their different audiences.

For wholesale clients not only products are discounted but services too! From wig making & customising to bleaching & dyeing. Everything is discounted to allow wholesale clients to make further profits while offering the best maintenance & styling services to their own clients.

Our Wholesale Program is made to cater to people who have their own hair business looking for quality hair units to stock as well as people looking to start their own hair business.

Why Choose Us?

●Access to quality hair and accessories at affordable prices.

●Discount on all our services like Customisation and wig making.

●Shipping benefits. We can deliver straight to your door.

●Discounts on all our masterclasses and more!

How to Join

You can join the Wholesale program by completing the registration process on our website.

 To complete registration, purchase the Wholesale Registration and proceed to the top left of the home page and click select "ACCOUNT" to "Create Account" . 24 hours after creating the account one can log in and have access to wholesale prices

 Please Note : Registration fees are once off and not refundable.

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