Wig Styling Products : Lace Melting Spray

Wig Styling Products : Lace Melting Spray

IntroducIng the new Ayomi Keratin Lace Melting Spray!

This multifunctional spray is exactly one of those must have products amongst your wig styling & maintenance products. 

As the name implies you can use this spray to make your lace closure look more transparent, giving the illusion that its your actual hairline. It allows the closure to look more like a natural hairline! 



Another use is as an alternative to ghostbond or got2b glue. Not only does it disguise your lace closure but its also an adhesive you can use for shorter, more temporary installations. It provides a strong hold like glue but its more suitable for shorter period installations. Furthermore unlike glue, the melting spray is very gentle & does not damage your precious edges! No glue remover is needed either as water can be used to remove spray. It doesn’t leave heavy residue like glue does. 

Those characteristics allow the spray to be perfect for daily use. Especially for those people who’d like to remove their wigs at night or to remove installations sooner than they normally would. Its multipurpose and convenience. 

Directions of Use : 

  1. Make sure the hairline is clean, that there is no residue or dirt.
  2. Spray a thin layer of the holding spray on your skin on the tip of your hairline.
  3. Wait until the spray becomes tacky or dry with a blow drier.
  4. Apply the lace onto the tacky/sticky substance
  5. Use cool air from a blow drier or let the sprayed adhesive air dry while rubbing down the lace frontal to the desired position
  6. Use an elastic/edges band to tie down the lace frontal for 15-20 minutes for the best results.

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